We at Hooshmand Law Group are dedicated to assisting individuals, businesses and entrepreneurs achieve their goals whether it be starting a new venture, defending an eviction, or moving to recover damages in a business setting or on behalf of a tenant.

About Us


Hooshmand Law Group focuses on class actions, sophisticated transactional and litigation matters and landlord tenant matters involving defending tenants and recovering damages for evictions and harassment.

For evictions we assist tenants in defending evictions from owner move in (OMI) evictions, wrongful and retaliatory evictions and evictions dealing with illegal units.  We also sue landlords to recover damages as a result of violations of law.

With respect to litigation, we look to recover the maximum amount for our clients while at the same time defending them against any related lawsuits.

For our transactional clients, whether you are looking to raise capital, craft a contract with vendors, clients, and employees or independent contractors, address a current dispute, or collect monies owed, we can create the right strategy to achieve your objectives.

It is imperative that each matter be reviewed for strengths and weaknesses to realistically assess the chances of success. While it is important to remember that whenever the decision is left to a judge or jury, it is impossible to predict the outcome, many steps can be taken to increase the chances of success. A central tenet is that every client should take control of their legal affairs. The legal process is complicated and you should find an attorney that can guide you through the various possibilities. Too often attorneys do not focus on cutting through to the key issues that drive the case resulting in lost time and unnecessary expense.