Harcourt Hotel Housing LawyersHooshmand Law Group is representing a class of past tenants and guests of the Harcourt Hotel in San Francisco, California. If you lived or stayed at the Harcourt Hotel between or July 1, 2008 and April 25, 2014 you may be a potential class member. Please contact plaintiffs’ counsel, Mark Hooshmand or Tyson Redenbarger at 415-318-5709, or via email at tyson@lawmmh.com for more information.

The Harcourt Hotel is charged with violations of the Health and Safety Code and the San Francisco Rent Ordinance. Specific violations include making Hotel occupants move rooms or check out and re-register to prevent the occupant from obtaining tenancy rights. Additional violations include the failure to pay relocation fees when occupants were forced to move or change rooms

If you lived or stayed at the Harcourt Hotel since May 23, 2010, you may be a potential class member. The Plaintiffs are represented by the Hooshmand Law Group, which has expertise in prosecuting tenant lawsuits. If you wish to discuss this action or have questions about your rights, please contact us.