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Tenants: Talk to an Attorney Before Vacating Your Apartment

In a time when rents are skyrocketing, landlords are trying to replace long term rent controlled tenants with new higher paying tenants.  They try threats, intimidation and other tactics including small buy out offers.  Before considering next steps talk with an attorney who can assist you in reviewing your options.  There are many capable attorneys in the Bay Area, including the attorneys at the Hooshmand Law Group, who can assist you.  Thankfully there are very strong protections for tenants’ rights even if you have already vacated as a result of the landlord’s actions.  It is imperative that if you are facing any sort of threat, in receipt of a 3 day notice, or in the midst of a lawsuit that you contact an attorney...

Attorneys Fees are the Exception, Not the Rule

Whether you are suing or being sued, it is important to have a frank discussion with your attorney about the cost of the lawsuit. Even if you are being sued frivolously, there is no guarantee of recovery of your attorneys fees. You have a better shot at recovering costs, but costs are minimal compared to attorneys fees. The American Rule is that each side bears their own fees unless there is a statute or contract that provides for fees to the prevailing party. And even with a statute or contract that provide for fees, many cases are left to the judge’s discretion. There are techniques to increasing the possibility of recovery and it is important you talk with your attorney about those...
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