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Tenant-Landlord Contracts Are Key

All too often, contracts are written without careful review or tailoring to the business relationship that the contract is meant to embody. Also, thought is not given to language to address potential disputes that may arise and how they can be resolved in a cost effective manner. The main benefit of memorializing the agreement is that it reduces, but does not eliminate, ambiguity as to the material terms. Once the basic terms have been identified, it is important to think through the life cycle of the relationship to ensure that time frames, implementation and essential procedure is discussed and understood. Questions that are important to discuss with your attorney are whether to agree to alternative dispute resolution, rather than traditional litigation, and also how to ensure that venue for any action would be in a convenient location. Tenant-Landlord Contracts Are Key As a tenant, you want to take extra care to review a landlord’s contract to ensure no issues present themselves later on....

San Francisco Bay Area Litigation – Do Discovery!

Clients typically turn over a matter to their lawyers and believe that their lawyers will “handle it”. A few months later an exorbitant bill is received without any actual results. Discovery is the ability to achieve results in a cost-effective manner. Discovery forces your opponent to provide the information that they will rely on at trial. It prevents surprises, enables you to evaluate your claims, their claims, and also make pre-trial motions that may dispose of the case. There are various types of discovery which will be explored further but if your attorney has not performed discovery, it is imperative that you discuss this with...
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