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Just Cause Eviction

Tenants in the Bay Area cities of San Francisco, Oakland, and Berkeley have additional protections in the form of limitations on a landlord’s ability to evict. This means that a landlord can only evict for specific reasons the most common of which is the non-payment of rent. However, it is imperative that if you believe the landlord is retaliating against you for requesting repairs, or simply to increase your rent if you have lived in one place for a long time, that you contact attorneys dedicated to defending you against an eviction or unlawful detainer...

Retaliatory Eviction Defense – CC 1942.4. CC 1942.5

Retaliatory eviction is where a landlord takes actions against a tenant for requesting repairs, complaining to the Department of Building and Inspection, or taking other actions to stand for your rights. The California legislature has provided for protections should a landlord retaliate and a landlord’s actions are presumed retaliatory if they begin within 6 months of the particular...
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