NOTABLE VERDICT: $3,000,000 settlement for tenants forced to move due to harassment and substandard conditions


About Hooshmand Law Group

We are focused on helping tenants and helping consumers in class action lawsuits.  We are a tenants only firm and only assist tenants.  For affirmative lawsuits for damages we work on contingency which means we only recover if you recover.

We are committed to helping tenants who live or have lived with pervasive landlord harassment such as threats of eviction, invasions of privacy, and other severe substandard living conditions. There are laws in place to protect a tenant’s quiet enjoyment and nobody’s home should be disturbed by severe violations. Harassment not only affects a tenant’s quality of life but it can create long-term problems.

We are one of the few firms that takes cases to trial to obtain value for our clients.  Many attorneys take cases but they are not focused on taking cases to trial if needed.  We prepare as if the case is going to trial.


Mark Hooshmand and his team are San Francisco’s finest attorneys. Mark is a man of the people who is fighting every day for tenant’s rights and to keep San Franciscan’s in their homes. Unfortunately with the housing crisis, we needed Mark to keep us out of harms way.

The Hooshmand Law firm is a group of dedicated professionals that will work very hard on your behalf from beginning, until the very end. Everyone on the team worked tirelessly, they are honest, responsive, professional, fair and they care about the best interest of their clients. When it comes to tenant’s legal rights, they are passionate and will only fight for cases they believe in.

I’m very satisfied with Mark and his team, they helped me with a potentially devastating issue and sought an outcome that was fair and allows me to continue living in SF. They were my Legal Angels and I can now put this behind me and continue to look towards a bright future. I’d highly recommend them to anyone in need of a great attorney. Rest assured, if you have the Hooshmand Law Group, you have the best representation in San Francisco.

Esther F.

Mark was there for us when we were repeatedly evicted by our landlord. It was difficult to find an attorney because even thought the law was on our side, these things are trickier to litigate than ever could have expected. It was an incredibly stressful time, but the situation was much better once Mark was by our side- Thank you so much for all of your help! Our settlement helped me move out and move on and I am in a much better place ( thanks to their hard work). If anyone else is unlucky enough to go through this, I highly recommend seeking assistance from Mark. They are truly heroes looking out for the little guy!

Sarah S.

NOTABLE VERDICT: $780,000 judgment after Court Trial for Tenants harassed and illegally forced to move

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