My family have been clients of Mark Hooshmand from the time he started his law practice in 2002. If you are reading this review, you are likely in need of a business attorney to represent you. You’re either filing a lawsuit against someone or needing a defense against a lawsuit filed against you. In either case, Mark is the guy you want on your side. He has a calm demeanor about him, but don’t let that fool you. He is a tiger when it comes to fighting for his clients. He is extremely knowledgeable about the law. Most of all he is an honest person who gives honest answers.  I would not trust any other lawyer with our business affairs. He is that good.
– Ash S.

Mr. Hooshmand has to be the most compassionate, hardworking, polite, articulate, wonderful, considerate and fair attorney I have ever met.  He answers my emails with in a minute.  His staff go out of their way to help and assist.  I love the way they treat their clients.  I recommend them highly.
– Peace B.

As busy as this practice is, they have gone out of their way to check up on me. I’m not easy to reach between not being able to “stay” where I’m renting, and my work schedule is erratic to say the least. I wholeheartedly recommend this firm to any tenants in need of expertise and compassion.
– Jean C.

Nobody wants to need a lawyer, so if you are reading this, chances are you are probably in a jam and need help, fast! When I first went to Mark in February 2009; I was confused, frightened, under severe duress and badly in need of legal protection and professional counsel.

To make a long story (very long story) short we (myself and my husband and my neighbor and his wife and teenager) were being evicted after suffering an abusive manager, abusive neighbors and neglectful landlords for two years and we had no clue where to turn for help.  Mark was there for us from the beginning, writing letters on our behalf, coaching us in a small claims case associated with this debacle, and helping us fight the wrongful eviction, even though we barely paid him a dime.  When the eviction attempt was resolved with Mark’s help (and for very little money), we decided to pursue a formal suit against our Landlords.

Mark was great through the stressful deposition process and the case finally went to trial in July 2010.  Trials are painful and this was the longest 2 weeks of our lives, but we needed to be heard and we were.  We won the case unanimously and felt so vindicated!  We could not have done it without Mark whose team worked tirelessly on our case.  I’m not convinced that our landlords really learned their lesson (some people never learn) but I do know that we did the right thing by standing up for basic human decency, fairness and ourselves.  So, if you’re looking for a stand up man to help you fight the bad-guys in your life, one who can also kick some legal behind, then Mark is your Man!  You’ll be glad you met him; we sure are and we thank him daily from the serenity of our little apartment that he helped us keep!
– Eve S.

Follow up review:

Mark has again come to our aid by resolving a contentious business arrangement gone bad.  Though he is VERY busy, he made time to help us out and help these folks see that they should pay up and avoid a suit.  Sometimes you just need to put on the pressure to make people act reasonably!  Having someone who can help is a blessing. He’s the BEST!  ; – )
– Eve S.

Mark and Chris at the Hooshmand law group made a very confusing and difficult time in my life easier in ways that even they may never realize. When I first encountered Chris Boldig (an attorney working with Mark at the Hooshmand law group) I was referred by the eviction defense collaborative because my landlord had attempted to illegally evict my wife and I from our apartment with false allegations of unpaid rent. Prior to this time I had been concerned about my landlords strange behavior but had no idea what he was doing was illegal nor for that matter that my apartment itself was illegal all I knew was that I needed a place to live and moving was NOT an option at that time.

Chris and Mark not only defended us against the illegal eviction but helped us investigate further into the issues surrounding our living situation and sued our landlord on our behalf. We ended up with more than enough to move to a MUCH better living situation and to put ourselves in a position financially (through saving the bulk of the settlement) that we will never fall victim to a situation again because we will have the resources to be more selective in the future.

I am sure at times we were not the easiest, most patient, or even most lucrative clients but without fail Chris and Mark always made us feel like we were important to them and they always took the time to answer all our questions even ones that to them probably seemed dumb or irrelevant. Neither my wife nor I have ever sued anyone and we really didn’t understand the whole process but the staff at the Hooshmand law group never made us feel stupid or talked down to us in anyway which is more than I can say for other lawyers I have encountered in my life. Chris in particular even went above and beyond to take extra care in taking into consideration other circumstances in our life that came into play during this time that were unrelated to the case but impacted the time frame in which we needed to move from the apartment we were in.

Long story short this is a Fantastic team of lawyers who will fight for you as hard as they possibly can until they reach a settlement you are happy with. I would recommend the Hooshmand law group to anyone of my friends or family needing similar assistance knowing that they would be in the best possible hands.
– Teresa R.

Settled for $650,000 + $4500 in rent credit if that helps you make up your mind about using Hooshmand Law Group for your case.
– Sean M.

Follow up review:

Hope is a good quality to be able to offer your clients and although he will not tell me if he thinks we’re going to win or lose on a day in Court he does encourage me to stick to the process and move ahead.  No one knows how the Judge or Jury will rule in the end.

I had heard and completely understand now that lawsuits are difficult, expensive, mentally draining, excruciatingly long and often angering.  Mark has kept me abreast of what he’s working on, helped keep me from being too mentally drained, has moved quickly with the Courts and talked me through much of my anger over each situation.  These are all qualities that make him a superior attorney…not to mention that he clearly understands the Law.

I found Mark through the California Bar Assoc. Legal Referral Service. Mark deals with my problems respectfully, in a timely manner and manages a barrage of fearful emails, questions and telephone calls. To say he’s able to deal with worried/fearful clients is an understatement.  If you’re being sued or being treated wrong and have a right to sue, he’s the attorney you should call.

I never wanted to go through all of this, but after circumstances arose that required legal attention, Mark was there and he remains committed to me in every situation.

– Sean M.

I consulted with numerous attorney’s about a case I needed representation on… Mark Hooshmand offered sound advice during the consultation and my family decided to immediately retain him.

He set clear expectations about best and worse case scenarios.  Although I believed the case was totally frivolous – there was a legal process that needed to take place and Mark educated us on it.  I believe we ended the case with a good (and pretty close to great) outcome!

If you’re looking for a honest, clear communicator, and results driven attorney then look no further Mr. Hooshmand should be your choice without reservation!
– Bay Area Y.

IF YOU ARE IN NEED OF A LAWYER FOR ANY UNLAWFUL EVICTION, PLEASE KNOW HE IS THE BEST!!!  I was in an awful situation back in 2009 and Mark truly helped me and was also very very patient as I was not the easiest client.  He know his stuff and he has great court presence, I was impressed. Oh and he won my case bigtime.  Thanks Mark.
– Yowie S.

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