Class Action lawsuits involve harm to a large group of individuals.  HLG has handled many class action lawsuits and are looking to organize class action lawsuits related to unfair business practices, defective consumer products, privacy violations, consumer rights violations, and large scale torts.

If you have been harmed and believe others have also been harmed in the same way please contact us to discuss your situation.

We are currently investigating lawsuits in the following areas:

Defective Products – HLG is currently investigating many defective products that have harmed individuals.  Many times products are introduced into the market without adequate testing or safety warnings resulting in harm.  We are working to recover compensation for these injuries as well as to remove these products from the marketplace in order to avoid future harm

Securities Violations – many investors have lost significant sums of money based on inaccurate and deficient disclosures regarding stocks, bonds and other investment products.  HLG is investigating these disclosures to determine if they are actionable.  HLG believes in honest and full disclosures when it comes to investment products so that the investor is able to make a decision based on all of the available information.

Privacy Violations – data breaches have become a very common occurrence resulting in the disclosure of an individual or business’ private information.  With a variety of ways to safeguard one’s personal information, privacy violations can and should be prevented.  HLG is investigating ways to strengthen security protocols in order to keep private information safe.

Consumer Rights – consumers have the right to be able to exist without being exposed and harmed by products in our marketplace.  All too often there is a rush to securing profits over the safety of our neighbors.  HLG is working to strengthen the guidelines necessary to protect consumers as we move toward the future.

Housing Rights – HLG has handled many class actions in order to protect housing and to enforce the laws meant to encourage long term housing.  HLG has handled class actions due to the non-payment of required fees and also substandard conditions on behalf of many individuals.

What are class action lawsuits?

Class actions are an efficient vehicle to assist many thousands of individuals at the same time where other forms of recovery may not be feasible.

California Code of Civil Procedure 382 is the statute that provides for class action lawsuits.  It provides that “If the consent of any one who should have been joined as plaintiff cannot be obtained, he may be made a defendant, the reason thereof being stated in the complaint; and when the question is one of a common or general interest, of many persons, or when the parties are numerous, and it is impracticable to bring them all before the court, one or more may sue or defend for the benefit of all.”

We have a proven track record of helping individuals recover damages by filing class action lawsuits.  In 2020 and 2021 we recovered on behalf of a large class of individuals who did not receive the financial benefits they were owed.  We were also awarded attorney fees as part of the recovery which increased the amount of recover for our clients.

If you have been harmed and believe your situation may be part of a class action please contact us so we can review your matter.

Why hire HLG?

  1. We have a proven track record
  2. We work harder and smarter
  3. We have the resources to win
  4. We are known in the community by defense attorneys and insurance companies
  5. On average, we recover more for our clients than other law firms


Hooshmand Law Group (HLG) has been a California institution helping individuals recover justice for the harms they have suffered. We regularly try cases throughout California and we are dedicated to helping our clients.


Mark and his team are extremely easy to work with and highly knowledgeable. I recommend he and his firm without reservation.
– Jack L.

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Extremely helpful, responsive and kind! Mark took the time to understand my case and offered useful information before getting started. Thank you!
– Nicole R.

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Mark was very thorough and helpful with my case and replied to my request within minutes.  He even gave me a courtesy follow-up.  He made me feel much better about my legal situation and I will definitely use him again and recommend him to anyone!
– Jeremy W.

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