The Hooshmand Law Group has helped many businesses who have been harmed by others.  If you have a business, partnership or other venture where you have suffered harm due to the actions of another party or business contact us to determine if we can help.

We may be able to help if you have suffered any of the following:

  • Breach of Contract
  • Fraud (Misrepresentations)
  • Failure to Perform Obligations
  • Damage to Business
  • Partnership Disputes

We have a proven track record of helping businesses recover for damages they have suffered.  As one example we won a jury trial in the matter of Radiant Skincare vs. Linda Moore due to the theft of trade secrets when a business partner opened a competing business using the customer list of our client.  We helped another client obtain a judgment against their business partner when it was discovered that the business partner was hiding funds.  We have also successfully settled many cases involving business disputes.

Breach of Contract

A breach of contract is where one party to a contract does not perform their obligations under the contract as required.


Fraud is the intentional misrepresentation, or concealment, of an important fact.

Why the Hooshmand Law Group?

The Hooshmand Law Group works harder and smarter than other lawfirms in order to obtain maximum justice for our clients.  We prepare each of our cases as if it is going to trial in order to be ready in case the other side is not reasonable.  It is also important to note that the insurance companies that defend the person we are suing know of our firm and know that we are very serious about our cases.

  • We have a proven track record
  • We work harder and smarter
  • We have the resources to win
  • We are known in the community by defense attorneys and insurance companies
  • On average, we recover more for our clients than other law firms
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