Mark Hooshmand

Mark Hooshmand has fought tirelessly to advance tenant rights and to file Class Actions on behalf of individuals and businesses who have been affected by business practices. The Hooshmand Law Group is one of the largest tenant firms in the Bay Area that assist Tenants with recovering damages resulting from false Owner Move Ins (OMI), wrongful eviction, lack of repairs, retaliation and retaliatory eviction, buy outs, Illegal Apartments, In Law Apartments and Illegal Units, harassment, and enforcement of the local San Francisco Rent Ordinance, Oakland Rent Ordinance and Berkeley Rent Ordinance. Mark has tried many cases to verdict, has preserved judgments for tenants on appeal, and had two Court orders reversed on Appeal on behalf of tenants. Mark also focuses on Class Actions involving issues that affect large groups of individuals including the loss of affordable housing, violations of the Unfair Competition Law where businesses have taken actions in violation of the law, and cases involving mass torts. He has been featured in numerous articles advocating for tenant rights. His representative cases include: In re Airbnb – Class action lawsuit for those affected by short term rentals in San Francisco. Lawsuit vs. Landlord on behalf of 80 + residents of apartment building affected by substandard conditions Lawsuit vs. Landlord – False Owner Move in (OMI) where landlord allegedly evicted tenants under false Owner Move in so that they can perform Short Term Rentals In re Marymount Hotel – Class Certification for conversion of Apartment Building in Pacifica

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