$5.4 Million Settlement for Premises Liability / Fire Damage

Jun 6, 2023 | Hooshmand Law Group In the News, Successes, Tenant Rights

Recently the Hooshmand Law Group had the privilege of representing 7 tenants who were displaced from their homes due to a fire in San Francisco in 2020. The fire originated in an open carport under their building and was caused by a trespasser in the garage. Though the case presented an uphill battle, through the use of experts we were able to demonstrate that the owners failed to properly secure the property from trespassers and failed to upgrade the fire systems at the property in the event of a fire. Fire safety is a critical component of every dwelling and it is crucial that the laws are strengthened and enforced to protect human life.

$2.6 Million

Recovered for tenants in wrongful eviction case.

$3.1 Million

Multi-Tenant Liability Lawsuit

$3.5 Million

Breach of Contract

$3 Million

Multi-Tenant Liability Lawsuit



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