When Car Accidents Happen Call the Hooshmand Law Group

Daily driving results in car accidents every day.  Whether someone makes a quick lane change or is speeding, the resulting injuries can last a lifetime.  When you have been injured, Mark Hooshmand and the Hooshmand Law Group work tirelessly toward the goal of receiving fair compensation for you. Unlike other law firms that take many cases and settle for a fraction of the potential settlement, we take fewer cases in order to attempt to maximize the recovery for you.

As our daily lives become more hectic, drivers drive faster, drivers are distracted by texting and other situations, an electric vehicle does not operate properly; these errors have real world lasting effects.

Car Accident Attorney

When you are injured you want an attorney who understands what you are going through and who will fight for you toward obtaining proper compensation for your injuries.

If you have been in an accident it is important to immediately reach out to an attorney to discuss your rights and to how to deal with your insurance company and the opposing insurance company.  For example, in these days of social media, many post about an accident online but then that information becomes evidence.

Why are Lawsuits Important?

Lawsuits not only result in compensation in many instances, they also work to make our roads safer.  When drivers know that they will be responsible for harming others, they take more precautions to drive safely.  When new rules are put in place as a result of the existing laws being enforced, that works to benefit everyone.  While no one wants to be in a situation where they have to sue, lawsuits are a critical part of achieving compensation when the other side is unwilling to be fair.

Delayed Injuries

It is also important to note that injuries may not reveal themselves immediately. Our bodies are made up of many parts which can react differently to trauma. As part of our process at the Hooshmand Law Group, we discuss how best to obtain treatment to address the injuries you have encountered as a result of your motor vehicle accident.

If you have been injured in a car accident or other vehicle involved matter, call Mark Hooshmand and the Hooshmand Law Group for more information regarding how they can help.

Hooshmand Law Group works throughout California.

Why hire HLG?

  1. We have a proven track record
  2. We work harder and smarter
  3. We have the resources to win
  4. We are known in the community by defense attorneys and insurance companies
  5. On average, we recover more for our clients than other law firms


Hooshmand Law Group (HLG) has been a California institution helping individuals recover justice for the harms they have suffered. We regularly try cases throughout California and we are dedicated to helping our clients.


Mark and his team are extremely easy to work with and highly knowledgeable. I recommend he and his firm without reservation.
– Jack L.

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Extremely helpful, responsive and kind! Mark took the time to understand my case and offered useful information before getting started. Thank you!
– Nicole R.

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Mark was very thorough and helpful with my case and replied to my request within minutes.  He even gave me a courtesy follow-up.  He made me feel much better about my legal situation and I will definitely use him again and recommend him to anyone!
– Jeremy W.

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