On September 3, 2014, the Hooshmand Law Group filed a class action lawsuit against AirBnB, Inc. The lawsuit is based on the allegation that AirBnB illegally participates in and facilitates the rental of apartments in San Francisco in violation of local and state law. Filed in San Francisco Superior Court, the lawsuit also alleges that the short-term rental of apartments by AirBnB violates several San Francisco ordinances that prohibit the short-term rental of residential housing. The complaint states that AirBnB is encouraging, participating in, and profiting from prohibited activity while it is aware that such rentals in San Francisco are prohibited.

According to the suit, AirBnB is partnering with hosts despite being on notice that its business model violates laws that were enacted to protect San Francisco tenancies. The named Plaintiffs in the case are residents of an apartment building in San Francisco. These residents along with the class members have been severely affected by the conversion of the building from long term housing to short-term rentals. Furthermore, the Plaintiffs allege that AirBnB has knowingly contributed to the housing shortage.

The complaint provides that AirBnB is liable to any tenant who lives in a residential unit where other units in the building have been rented through AirBnB. This lawsuit includes rentals and class members in apartment buildings throughout San Francisco. It is estimated that there are more than 5,000 AirBnB rentals in San Francisco alone.

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