Hooshmand Law Group Successfully Preserves Judgment against Landlord Through Attempts to Discharge Claims through Bankruptcy

Mark Hooshmand and Deanna Maxfield of the Hooshmand Law Group along with legal administrators Diana Luong and Charles McHale successfully preserved a judgment initially valued over $280,000 obtained against a San Francisco landlord who had attempted to twice evict two San Francisco couples. In 2010 the Hooshmand Law Group obtained a judgment on behalf of two couples after their landlord attempted to evict them from their rent controlled apartment.

The landlord had six properties and soon after the judgment the Hooshmand Law Group began efforts to collect the judgment. A year later the landlord filed for bankruptcy attempting to avoid the judgment. The Hooshmand Law Group proceeded to take steps to preserve the judgment in bankruptcy so that the landlord could not avoid the judgment. During this time, the landlord again tried to evict the tenants. We defended that eviction and had it dismissed by demonstrating to the Court that the landlord still owed the tenants money from the prior judgment. We then proceeded to collect for the additional damages and emotional distress that these eviction attempts caused while continuing to move forward with protecting the judgment from being discharged. While we would have preferred to have resolved the case without additional difficulty, the landlord was required to sell off their properties to satisfy the judgment in favor of our clients.

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